Hi, I'm Jessica

A NJ/NY area designer/developer hybrid with a passion for user experience and the web Development

My Portfolio

Some of the things I've been working on lately


uscleanenergy.com Homepage


1800flowers.com Mobile Homepage


orientaltrading Mobile Homepage

Responsive wireframe (RWD)

New Jersey Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Pure CSS3 GUI for Bloomberg (view by Google Chrome only)


find a doctor

find a doctor Homepage

More samples? Click here ! Github Click here !

My Resume

skills set

  • Sublime Text, github, gitbox, OmniGraffle, Jira, Coremetrics, CMS (Wordpress, SharePoint) and Adobe Creative Suite etc
  • HTML5, CSS3, Trudium, Jquery, Angular, JSON, JavaScript, JqueryMobile,Tridium, Sass
  • Bootstrap, Boilerplate, Moovweb, Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Developerment (Native and Web) Design
Freelance Designer | Developer

Work closely with a variety of clients to design/Prototype, implemented pixels perfect UI and layout pages. Created new websites, modify existing pages, develop prototypes and assist integration with back end systems. Responsible for meeting clients and fulfill their needs, requirements and adjusted existing UI/UX and cross browser /backwards compatible issues.

Front end Mobile Developer
Sooryen Technology INC.

Using the responsive delivery platform Moovweb converted desktop website to be mobile-friendly efficiently without affecting existing desktop sites, allows market leaders to launch new experiences fast, iterate often, and deliver better mobile experiences. Mainly using HTML5, CSS3, Tritium, SCSS, Regex and JavaScript etc.

Multimedia Designer
Mercedes-Benz LLC.

in Digital Media marketing, help produced web-based communications and e-learning applications for Mercedes-Benz‘s worldwide distance learning education and training. Participated in team effort to produce streamlined web marketing materials for different vendors. Ensure all business and user requirements were identified accurately and handled appropriately.